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Musings of a Quad-Right Mani-Gen

Experiments in Human Design

Sara Grace Stasi
5 min readAug 31, 2022


Since at least 2018, I have known my human design profile. But it has only been in the past year or so, and especially in the last few months, that I have really taken a deep dive into not just comprehending, but living, the human design experiment.

Studying the principals of human design will only take you so far. At some point, you need to apply the learned information to your actual real life behaviors in order to get the full benefit of your knowledge.

Personally, I am a 2/4 manifesting generator with splenic generated sacral authority. That in itself says a lot about me, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of my design is my all right, passive variables, also known as “quad-right”.

There is ample information about human design in pretty much every modality at every price point available these days, so I’ll leave it to you to explore the information about the system firsthand. But, as mentioned above, living one’s personal, completely unique design is where things really start to get interesting.

Here are some personal observations from my ongoing experiment with living my design:

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As a manifesting generator:

  • Our main strategy is to respond to life. We are not meant to initiate action from our own mind. When I act on an internal thought or feeling rather than respond to something outside of myself it is likely to cause frustration or anger.
  • Waiting to respond does not mean doing nothing. It means not initiating action, which takes a great deal of practice. First, to recognize when you are initiating. And then once you realize when you are initiating instead of waiting to respond, you have to manage your anxiety that things will not go well if you do not “take charge”.
  • Once you practice waiting to respond, you realize the multitude of opportunities there are to act where you are not taking charge and initiate action. This reduces a great deal of anxiety because you can right away release the expectation that you are going to get things going and therefore the stress that comes from trying to exert external control.
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As a splenic generated sacral authority:

  • My inner authority, not my mind, are where my decision making power truly lies. When I make decisions logically and strategically, there is more stress on me than when I go with my gut.
  • My sacral response is immediate because it is boosted by my splenic intuition. I am already a practiced psychic and tarot reader, and in doing these experiments with my own cognition I was surprised to realize that my intuition and my gut instinct, or sacral response, are actually two different physical mechanisms and that I had been denying my sacral response for some time. Instead I had been relying on intuition combined with my mind conditioning (not to mention almost always initiating action from that perspective) and thus causing myself great mental distress and anxiety by getting into situations not suitable for my nature.
  • My sacral response feels like an uplift or excitement in my body and often has a clear “yes” or “no” voice in my inner knowing accompanying it. It is really hard to say “no” to something when I get a gut response to pass on it yet my mind says “but you really should”. That is where the practice really is, for there is a lot of social conditioning that causes us to act out of alignment with what may be best for our individual bodies.
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As a “quad-right” or all right or PRR DRR

  • This is the most interesting part of my profile, in my opinion, because this variable combination is relatively uncommon and has some aspects that make those with this design think completely differently than their environments may expect or even require.
  • Without going too deeply into the nuances of design, being quad-right means that my mind is essentially completely passive. It has no strategy or ability to generate strategy in order to move me through life.
  • This method of approaching life is completely counter-intuitive to the logical brain and is almost in opposition to the demands of our strategic society.
  • Conventions such as goal-setting, list making, studying in order to memorize information, calendars, even time itself are strategic tools that are pretty much useless to me in moving through life. I honestly did not believe or understand this myself until I started consciously practicing this way of being.
  • Once I stopped making strategic decisions, stopped initiating action instead of waiting to respond, and listened to my sacral authority instead of my logical mind, I experienced decreased stress and anxiety and more ease and fulfillment within a matter of days.
  • As a quad-right my only role in this lifetime is to accumulate information and to allow that information to be drawn out via my strategy and authority. I actually can’t consciously remember or recall information I’ve taken in unless something outside of myself (a person, a test, a situation, a tarot spread) draws it out of me. Then, generally, what I need to know is readily available.
  • As a completely passive being, I am hyper-sensitive to my environment and I am constantly taking in all the stimuli available to me in a given situation. This has caused me a lot of stress and exhaustion as being a human requires we enter a lot of highly-stimulating environments.
  • In the past, I would get overwhelmed because I have no way to filter what information is important for me to know and what I can ignore. I have no strategy for obtaining knowledge — it all pours into me. So once I released the demand that I would need to remember anything or have a strategic way or recalling it, I find I am able to be completely passive and just use my inner authority to make decisions without having to focus on logical systems of organizing information.

These are just a few of the things I’ve observed as I’ve tried to practice and live my individual human design. There are a ton of resources on the web, but not much written about being “quad-right”. This is because the variables are a more “advanced” aspect of human design. But if you are quad-right, ironically, this aspect of your design is actually as important as your type and authority because it is so different from how everyone else thinks. Understanding that you must be extremely passive, with no pre-defined strategy, compliments the fact that you have only your strategy and authority to guide you in this strategic planning, list making, goal setting world.

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