Sara Grace Stasi
2 min readOct 4, 2021

“Oh, I am weak
Oh, I know I am vain
Take this weight from me
Let my spirit be unchained”

-Johnny Cash

Today’s card from the Rock Star Oracle, forgiveness, corresponds with Johnny Cash. The man in black was an outsider in many ways. He sang of outlaws and rebels and embodied the lifestyle and persona featured in his music.

But Cash also sang about regret, forgiveness and redemption. Paired with the Four of Swords, the message is to give it a rest.

It’s time to put down the burden of resentment you are carrying and consider, if not forgiveness, at least being neutral on the issue.

Resentment is a solo mission in which one continues to give energy toward someone who has hurt them.

While this righteous indignation can be the spark needed to bring much-needed change, it can also burn so hot that it consumes everything in its presence, including your own happiness and peace of mind.

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves, so that we may begin to heal and move on from the pain of a situation.

Put down your weapon and take some time to consider if this battle is worth the fight.

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