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Fri Jan 22

Today's cards ask us to find authority within ourselves.

Emperor energy is moving out of the collective and into individual autonomy.

Instead of seeking validation from existing power hierarchies, we begin to seek permission from ourselves and our ancestors.

Instead of doing what we have always done, we will use wisdom, experience, and insight to make necessary changes going forward.

Instead of striving to gain power and authority over others, we will seek power-sharing arrangements with communities of like minded folks, working in union toward a common goal.

The question I am still left with is, what IS that goal? And how do we begin to create a society where we are moving in the same direction?

The answer, I suspect, has something to do with banishing fear and embracing love.

Deck: Brady Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger oracle deck

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Thu 1/21

Today there is a great deal of emotion.

Astrologically, there is a Moon - Mars - Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

We may feel some anger or resentment about the changes we are going through. There may be continued violence and protest events as power dynamics shift away from a dying regime. There may be explosive, vocanic-like energy.

Interestingly, when I looked at this week's astrology, I was not sure about the inauguration. Would things go smoothly?

Indeed, they did, on the surface. But what cultural levers are shifting as a result?

On one hand, cultists and conspiracy theorists have gone dark for the time being, their hate being driven back into the shadowy corners of social media for now. …

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Today's cards ask us to make a connection.

Many new beginnings initiate today. Yet, unlike the firey energy of wands, we see the cooperative union of the two of cups.

Yesterday the sun entered Aquarius, and tomorrow there is a major conjunction in Taurus.

We are asked to think differently about our social connections and what this means for the development and sharing of resources.

As we enter the age of Aquarius, when slow moving outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn will stay in this sign for some time, we will be rewarded less for personal accomplishment and more for our contributions to a collective greater than ourselves. …

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Mon 1/18

The Fool / Kingfisher “abundance is flowing in the perfect form”

The week begins with exciting energy, ushering in new ideas, adventures, and innovations. We are on the cusp of new beginnings, We see old information in new ways, and are gifted with wisdom and insight from our recent experiences.

Today’s cards also indicate that these innovations also have the opportunity to increase abundance. We must be open to new ways of doing things, however, because a large part of the next leg of our journey will require dismantling existing powers structures, not using them to blindly advance in a hierarchical manner.

Let your imagination run wild as you imagine what comes next, yet keep in mind the many practical lessons you have learned as you turn your dreams into reality.

Originally published at on January 18, 2021.

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Sun 11/17
The sun / clarity + creativity

Jupiter square Uranus: Tension between expansion and change

We know that we must change but that it must be in a brand new way. Our circumstances are forcing rapid evolution of thought and understanding. We are given the green light on our creative endeavors, on thinking outside the box. The realization is upon us that we must create the world we want to live in, create the networks that will support and sustain us, and create the language, art and culture that we want to consume. We can imagine a new world into being if we allow our dreams to carry us past our current reality and into a vision of a socially just future where the basic needs of every human are met. Before we think about how we will grow, we must consider how we will create a stable foundation not only for ourselves but for all of humanity. …

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I’ve started offering digital art downloads in my Etsy shop. You can purchase the original art collage or download a high quality file for printing.
Since my work is fueled by social justice, 15% of each sale will be donated to BIPOC I support.

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Oracle of raindrops (Queen of cups) / sensitivity + winter to spring

As we continue to process the ongoing trauma in this world, we learn to manage our emotional response in such a way that enables us to continue to engage in a fight for social justice.
For many white people (myself included) this level of social engagement is new and challenging, a position afforded to us by the privilege of our whiteness. This is not a position that BIPOC may take, being insead inside of the lived experience of oppression that we as white folks continue to perpetuate and varying levels and degrees.
We cannot separate ourselves from whiteness, but we can commit to addressing and dismantling it. We can do the continual work of holding our own feet to the fire, of acknowledging our role in maintaining a racist power dynamic, always remembering this is the role and responsibility of the oppressor, not the oppressed. …

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3 of gems (coins) / collaboration + shadow

We are asked to seek out co-conspirators who are not afraid to get into “good trouble.” We must continue the shadow work of dismantling systemic racism in order to break the cycle of trauma that has spiralled through each generation of the United States. We must build communities of like-minded folks to generate ideas and to provide support as we continue to learn, grow, and fight for social change. We must hold each other accountable. We must care compassionately or both ourselves and for the collective. We must forgive our imperfections as we grow into new roles, beliefs, traditions, and ways of being. …

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photo by author

a poem based on a snippet of a radio story I heard

It was a stunt
we hadn’t practiced
that erased
my memory at 30
and left me wearing
a cheer uniform
in the ER

The doctor said
short and long term amnesia
and what
was there to do
but go home

to a stranger’s apartment
with an unknown
man who said
he was my friend

and showed me
pictures of us
on the beach, and
getting morning coffee

and the one of me
and with Sal shading
her eyes against the sun
her eyes the same as mine
so I…

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Deck: Prism Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger

Again today, we see a continuation of the energy asking us to release old patterns that no longer serve our needs.

The Tower is a powerful card that has come up more than once in relation to the energy of today’s major astrological events. Even the local news this morning had a segment on the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in tonight’s sky. While this conjunction occurs about every 20 years, this time the two celestial bodies are exceptionally close together. Additionally, both planets have just moved from the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius.

You are likely to feel expansive energy today, even as we experience the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of the year. This does feel like a turning point, but only if we are able to go with the flow and release expectations about what the journey back to longer days and shorter nights may entail. …


Sara Grace Stasi

Poems, short fiction, photography, musings on life. Santa Cruz, California. BA American Lit | BA Anthropology | MA Education. Patreon: sgstasi

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