A springtime quarantine poem

photo by author

In this new world,
I watch the rain for hours.

I know the sparrows by their
white striped chests,
and golden crowns.

In this new world
there is time

to watch a butterfly
unfold her wings
in the warm rays of morning

or to trace the shadow
of the house next door
as the sun cuts across the sky.

Each day
the patch of light
on the back porch
grows brighter.

In this new world,
I check each day to see
if the plum tree
has blossomed.

I measure the size
of the puddle where
the gutter is rotted through

and look for snails
among the cabbage leaves
in this new world.

Now, we have left the hive
and spend hours
in the backyard
chatting with the bees.

Week of 3/15 - 3/21

Mon-Tue - Eight of Shells (rev)
We are asked to release emotional attachments and look toward moving on from a challenging situation. We may use what we have learned to improve the situation the next time around. Regardless, there is a feeling of release as we begin a new moon cycle having cast off some excess baggage.

Wed-Thu - Strength (rev) Mid week we may continue to examine how we approach adversity. How are we managing our ego? Are we using grace and finesse in challenging situations, or are we forcefully exerting our opinion and expecting to get our way…

Tarot reading + astrology for the coming moon cycle

photo by author

Wed Mar 10

Today’s card from my work in progress the Rock Star Oracle is Trent Reznor / Release. “Time to let it go.”

Paired with the eight of cups, it reminds us that while it is reasonable to grieve loss or disappointment, we must be wary of escaping into our regret and allowing it to consume us.

“If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” — Nietzsche

There are some truths about existence that, once we become aware of them, it can be difficult to fully enjoy life. The full spectrum of human…

Sun Mar 7

Many barriers toward collaborative work seem to dissolve today as promising opportunities appear on the horizon.

The planet Mars, currently in Gemini, now forms a trine with Saturn and is nearly trine Pluto.

There may be an opportunity to identify structures, methods, rules or traditions(Saturn energy) that are no longer serving your community or collective work.

You may be able to introduce and implement ideas that transform your work. (Pluto energy)

One thing to keep in mind is that while Mars can add energy to a situation it does not necessarily speed things up. It also highlights…

Sat Mar 6

Today's cards speak to following your heart to generate security and prosperity.

This one hits close to home for me. I am always torn between what I want to do and what is "expected" from society. It's made even more complicated because I want to help society, and have that be my life purpose, but I want to do it in a totally unique and transformative way. This in turn creates feelings of uncertainty as I'm nervous about how my new creations will be received. Will they have value? Will they help me "make a living?"


Time hangs like
in amber.

Our sweaters layer like
the rings of trees,
revealing how long
we’ve been waiting.

Events need to happen
to write poems about them.

Something more than
making waffles every morning
how the tomatoes lasted
well into November this year
the way we watch a film noir
from 7–9 am each Sunday
waiting for the football
games to begin.

We are relying on
a new trapeze of trust
to hold us
learning how to balance
on a high wire
with no end in sight.

The false floor falls out and mountains of sand form dunes…

Sara Grace Stasi

Poems, short fiction, photography, musings on life. Santa Cruz, California. BA American Lit | BA Anthropology | MA Education. Patreon: sgstasi

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