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Time hangs like
in amber.

Our sweaters layer like
the rings of trees,
revealing how long
we’ve been waiting.

Events need to happen
to write poems about them.

Something more than
making waffles every morning
how the tomatoes lasted
well into November this year
the way we watch a film noir
from 7–9 am each Sunday
waiting for the football
games to begin.

We are relying on
a new trapeze of trust
to hold us
learning how to balance
on a high wire
with no end in sight.

The false floor falls out and mountains of sand form dunes…

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Daily Reading Feb 2

Tue Jan 2

Today’s cards ask us to examine our ideas of prosperity and wealth and how those beliefs around money are linked to our feelings of security and protection.

Jupiter and Venus are the planets of money and luck. Your 2nd house indicates where you may be most skilled at generating resources, while the 8th house may indicate how you use your and other people's money in financial systems. Your Saturn placement can indicate how you feel about money in general.

Personally, I have struggled with money my whole life. With Saturn in my second…

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photo by author

I am participating in Black History Month using the resource provided by Rachel Cargle in her Patreon platform, The Great Unlearn.

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un Jan 31

Today is full of dreamy energy.

Neptune is the gateway to our imagination. Behind the watery veil, we see the hidden words of our fantasies and fears.

Neptune is in Pisces right now, and combined with Mercury in Retrograde it might be difficult to tell dreams from reality.

Four of Swords advises us not to resist this surreal energy. Instead, let yourself daydream and let your mind water. Be careful, however, of complete withdrawal.

This is just a brief resting point on a longer journey. Neptune can tempt us to live with the "lotus eaters," ignoring reality…

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Sat Jan 30

Today Mercury stations retrograde. Energy from yesterday's transits continues to play a role in our thoughts and feelings today.

Venus is our planet of love and beauty. Venus influences our style of love, what we need to feel loved, what we find beautiful, and how we create beauty in our lives.

Pluto and Venus are still within a few degrees of each other in the last degrees of Capricorn. Where is this conjunction transiting your natal chart?

For me it is right between my 7th and (family) and 8th (public groups) house. I've been thinking a great…

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Fri Jan 29

Pallas is an asteroid, the second to be discovered, after Ceres. In Greek mythology, Pallas is often used as another name for Athena. As such, it is linked to warrior goddess energy.

Interestingly, the story of Pallas Athena has a twist. There is a parallel myth in which Athena has a childhood friend, a girl named Pallas. After a quarrel, Zeus (Athena's father) distracts Pallas, allowing Athena to kill her. As is the case with many myths, Athena is immediately flooded with regret for her act of passionate violence.

Presented with the Two of Swords, Pallas cautions…

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There are several significant transits today, as well as a full moon.

Full Moon in Leo: We see ourselves clearly, key ideas and issues are in the social “spotlight”

Venus Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn: How we love ourselves, how we see our bodies and how we care for ourselves may experience a seemingly magical transformation

Jupiter Sun Conjunction in Aquarius: There is a great deal of communication about big new ideas. Someone famous may play a role.

Additionally, this weekend, Mercury stations retrograde.

Today’s cards remind us to not get carried away with our emotions during this challenging time.


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Wed Jan 27

When I see Pluto, I think about secrets, powerful change, and the renewal of repeating cycles.

Pluto is associated with Scorpio and is also linked to death and the underworld.

In my readings, the Emperor usually represents structure, masculine energy, and power gained through control or dominance of others.

Emperor energy has a place in helping us stay organized and grounded in reality. On the other hand, it is deeply tied to the patriarchy we hope to dissolve.

Today asks us to look at how we, consciously or not, purposefully or not, participate in a system of…

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Tue Jan 26

The 9th house is ruled by Jupiter and the constellation Sagittarius.

Expansive energy, growth, education, travel, spiritual development and exploring new horizons are all 9th house endeavors.

I think about the expansiveness of Jupiter like Alice when she drinks a mysterious potion in the white rabbit's house. Suddenly, she grows to several times her "normal" size, her arm shoots out the window, and her foot gets stuck in the chimney.

Paired with the two of cups, we are asked to consider our partnerships and collective ventures.

Perhaps you are part of a group that was formed for…

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Mon Jan 25

Juno is a large asteroid that was once considered a planet. In Greek mythology, she is a goddess: the daughter of Saturn, wife of Jupiter, and mother of Mars.

Juno is nothing if not complicated, with many interpretations and meanings ascribed to her by scholars throughout time.

Now mostly known to represent youthful energy, Juno also represents how we use knowledge and power in a wise refined way.

The Astro-Oracle deck used here associates Juno with equality and partnership, and paired with the Ace of Swords it reminds us that we are not just in this for…

Sara Grace Stasi

Poems, short fiction, photography, musings on life. Santa Cruz, California. BA American Lit | BA Anthropology | MA Education. Patreon: sgstasi

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